Training by 1st Platinum Realty

Knowledge, Training and Personal Commitment = Success

Quality education and training are crucial to both your immediate and long term success

At 1st Platinum Realty, we realize that starting a new career in real estate might seem to be a little bit overwhelming to say the least…especially for newer agents.

That’s why 1st Platinum Realty has designed a comprehensive training platform centered on fulfilling your needs whether you’re just starting your career in real estate to the most advanced levels of training in the business.

Every month we conduct a beginner’s level Boot Camp. This hands-on, real life, interactive learning experience is designed and proven to easily instill maximum confidence in new agents and teach you what you need to know RIGHT NOW in order to succeed quickly.

Level I – Boot Camp

This unique course is a total immersion style of training that rapidly teaches all of the necessary basics within your first 30 days, so you can start having success and closing transactions fast!

Course Subjects:
Goal Setting & Business Plans
Lead Generation – Basic
Time Management – Basic
Purchase Contracts – Basic
Contract Strategies Basic
Lease/Rentals – Basic
Finance Strategies – Basic
Performance Contracts – Basic
Transaction Mechanics – Basic
Counter Offers & Addendums
Basic Listing Contracts – Basic
Listing Appointments – Basic
Using the MLS – Basic
Negotiating Strategies – Basic
How to do COMPS – Basic
NAR Code of Ethics – Basic
Basic MLS Rules – Basic
Advertising – Basic
Risk Management – Basic
Inspections & Appraisals – Basic

“At 1st Platinum Realty we are so confident in the quality of our training that we challenge you to find even one other brokerage with a more comprehensive training program who is more committed to your success than we are, because we know…it simply can’t be done -Scott Preston

Level II – Intermediate & Advanced

Learn how to structure multiple transaction types and perform at a much higher level of professionalism.

These on-going training courses are designed to give you a more intimate level of knowledge and understanding of: Current Market Conditions, Relevant Laws, Rules and Regulations, Budgets, Cash Flow Analysis, Advanced Strategies Concerning: Listings, Buyer Consultations, Contracts, Finance, Negotiating, Lead Generation, Marketing, Risk Management as well as Structuring both Traditional and Creative Finance style Transactions for Owner Occupied and Investor Clients, including 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges as well as various other property transfer strategies.

“At 1st Platinum Realty, we believe that as true industry professionals and leaders in our real estate community, it is incumbent upon us, individually and collectively, to constantly strive to improve ourselves, in every area of our craft, to never stop learning, teaching and sharing our combined knowledge and experiences with each other, so that those whom we serve, our clients, receive the most informed, knowledgeable, competent service performed at the highest standards of professional expertise ”- Scott Preston

The Promise and The Experience

A Personal Message From Our Branch Manager

Typically, whenever a new agent decides to join a Broker or when a seasoned agent leaves one broker to go with another, it’s generally due to a promise being made by the new Broker about how and why they offer better training, service, support, etc. Unfortunately, and all too often however, there is a gap between the promises made and the experiences had…and that gap is called Unhappiness!

We believe the experience should be indistinguishable from the promise!!!

Unlike the VAST MAJORITY of real estate companies out there, at 1st Platinum Realty, we don’t farm your training out to other agents in the office and call them “coaches” or “mentors”. In truth, the majority of these so-called “coaches” do very little coaching and yet they get 25% of your check. No wonder the industry average for new agents is 1.2 transactions in their first year. It’s horrible!

Just as we believe you need to bring real value to your clients, its Scott Preston’s job to bring you real value! As a result, 95% of all your training, coaching and mentoring will be done by Scott personally.

A little bit about Scott Preston

General Manager, Trainer, and Mentor

Scott Preston is a 30 year veteran of the Southern California real estate industry. He has worked in both the residential and commercial sectors where he has represented buyers, sellers and investors in owner occupied single use and residential income properties in both traditional purchase/sale transactions and IRS 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

He has managed, mentored, coached, and trained for some of the largest most successful regional, national and international real estate companies doing business today. During the past two years Scott Preston has been the Branch Manager and Trainer for a National Real Estate firm overseeing 135 agents and averaging approximately 50 transactions per month. In addition to his real estate background, he has been an insurance broker for almost 28 years. To be candid, this is where his real strength in contracts comes from. If you have ever read an insurance contract, you probably have found them to be extremely confusing. But, Scott Preston loves contracts…and everything in real estate is done by contract.

He is very well respected and has earned a solid reputation in the local area from both his professional peers and the hundreds of agents he has taught. Scott Preston is particularly well known and respected as both a solutions person and an excellent tactician based upon his superior knowledge of a myriad of contractual, transactional, financial, marketing and other winning strategies he constructed and regularly uses and has taught others to use.

And, where the average first year production for new real estate agents is 1.2 transactions, the agent’s Scott Preston trains who employ his methodologies and strategies average three to five transactions in their first year, and some as many as thirteen transactions.

He is well known and respected for his ethics and integrity. He currently sits on the Professional Standards, Ethics and MLS Review Committee at the Orange County Association of Realtors.

The way we look at it is this…OUR success depends upon YOUR success…and since OUR success is NOT “Optional” …you can now truly understand what that means for YOUR success, and our commitment to it!

Best regards,

Scott Preston

General Manager
1st Platinum Realty